The Kalos team includes professionals with extensive investment banking and financial due diligence experience having executed 40+ deals.


Closing a M&A deal can be a stressful and complicated process. Kalos guides you through the process, understanding the issues, and ultimately help you preserve value. Preparing for sale? We help you articulate your story in a way that's compelling to investors and be ready for potential buyers’ questions. In the market to grow through acquisition? Kalos helps you ensure your deal thesis is not just financially sound, but makes sense strategically as well. Technical deal analysis can include: quality of earnings; working capital requirements; net debt and debt-like; capital expenditure requirement; and, forecasted financial results.


Non-core assets may be spreading management too thin or detracting from profitable business units. Selling these could allow you to focus as well as provide capital to further invest into your business. We can help you in carving out corporate overhead allocated to the division, getting to a stand-alone business and articulating the non-core asset's value.


Debt or equity? You need capital but want to make sure you understand the implications of the financing to your business. Balancing potential dilution and control ramifications versus restrictive covenants and liens can be a difficult process. We can assist you in optimizing your capital structure as well as building models to articulate value to potential investors or lenders.


Should you lease or buy? Does the payback period and return on asset make sense for the investment? We can help you navigate the best financing option and ensure the asset purchase makes sense.


Kalos Transactions Diligence is a premier mid-market diligence provider - check out our sister site below.

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